The Happy Leader Challenge

Increase Your Fulfillment, Productivity, and Team Results in Just 4 Steps!

Most Leaders Are NOT Happy

Yes, you read that right. Unfortunately, with the many stresses of life and the responsibilities of leadership, most leaders are not happy.

They struggle with feelings of overwhelm and guilt. Not enough time in the day for all the things - work, family and definitely not self-care. Then the stress of underperforming shows up. 

How to Be a Happy Leader

I’ve been that unhappy leader and from my own personal journey and analyzing the science of happiness, neuroscience, and employee well-being, it’s important to know that there is a proven process for being a leader AND being happy. 

In my Happy Leader Challenge, I’ll show you 4 foundational steps (the 4 keys) to being a happy leader.

And no, this isn’t fluff. I’m talking science-backed strategies that are proven and produce real results for leaders such as:


Feeling Energized & Excited About Work


Working 35-50 Hours Per Week


Producing Better Results In Less Working Time


Happier & More Productive Teams

So, if you’re ready to be a Happy Leader, then step up to the plate and join the challenge today! 

What Leaders Are Saying

Carla Murray

President - US Full Service Western Region for Marriott

"Being a Happy Leader is a lifelong quest for us all. Tia lays out her personal experiences which inspired her to inspire the rest of us. Her stories are infused with research, training and personal anecdotes. She challenges your mindset and provides tools to become happier at home and work."

Serdar Bilgili

Chairman - Bilgili Holding and BLG Capital

“Hiring and retaining the best leaders and teams is paramount to our success in hospitality, housing, and mixed-use real estate properties. Tia’s 8-step methodology gives leaders a proven roadmap to grow their business by creating winning cultures. Tia had tremendous impact during her time at The W Istanbul hotel and every leader will be inspired by her perspective."

Explore the Challenge

When you register for the Happy Leader Challenge, you’ll gain instant access to the following.


4-Part Training Series

You’ll have instant access to 4 short videos that cover the key strategies you need to understand to be a happy leader.


Leadership Habits

Being a happy leader means changing your mindset and habits. Each video will share key mindset shifts that you need to embrace in order to start making happiness a priority for yourself and your team.

Tactical Exercises

Learning is one thing but we need to take action as well. Each video has specific exercises that you can do immediately to start seeing results toward being a happy leader. 


Lifetime Access

When you watch all 4 parts of the training, you’ll unlock lifetime access to the training videos so you can refer back and even share with your team.

Leadership Can Break You Down

Look, leadership is hard enough as it is. If you aren’t equipped with the knowledge and support to navigate the challenges, then it will break you down.

I’ve lived the struggle, survived it, and am thriving on the other side of it. That’s why I’m so passionate about helping other leaders break free and thrive too. Not only for them, but for the individuals they lead and their families.

This is bigger than me and if I’m being honest, it’s bigger than you. It’s a movement this world needs and a movement worth supporting.

Enter your information below to start the Happy Leader Challenge and join the movement today! 

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Meet Your Challenge Host


Tia Graham is an Inspirationist, and the Founder of Arrive At Happy. She has worked with dozens of global companies such as Goldman Sachs, Hilton Hotels and Kashi to elevate engagement and drive bottom line results. With multiple certifications in neuroscience, positive psychology, leadership coaching, and employee morale she has supported leaders for many years at Arrive At Happy.